The Story

In the vein of classic cinematic masterpieces like “Junior,” Man-Babies is a timeless male pregnancy story with a twist. In a land not so far away, Brooklyn to be exact, one-man grapples with a reality that could change the world.

CHARLIE, a naive but likable unemployed lab assistant with a vivid imagination and a penchant for spicy foods is ambushed by reality when 12 pregnancy tests come back positive and is faced with the reality that he is the world's FIRST pregnant man. ELI, his eccentric best friend, is elated for the possibility to redefine gender norms and thinks the whole mystery is a hardy boys-esque novel waiting to be unraveled. After revealing this miracle to his girlfriend MIRANDA he is shunned and kicked out onto the street. With nowhere left to turn he and Eli consult the help of an 2-star Yelp reviewed OBGYN named DR. PATEL who believes that this child is coming to term(s)— with everyone and suggest alternative measures.

Finally, in a Vlog-Style diary confessional Charlie decides he is going to keep the child and bravely venture into a territory unexplored. Meanwhile Eli unravels a mystery about Charlie's former employer that will have drastic consequences.

In our current social media obsessed world Charlie is both villain and hero. What would you do if the best/ worst were to happen?


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