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"If I had to choose a unique film that conjured up emotions of laughter and loads of fun and light humor, it would have to be the world premiere of the short film, "Trust Me, I'm A Lifeguard." It was a one-of-a-kind film focusing on the ageless question of what is the true meaning of life and putting a comedic spin on it."
--- The Examiner

"The tale of two guards (played by Hollinger and Keiber) who are confronted with the end of another summer and having to make "adult" decisions with their lives."
--- Seven Mile Times

"The short romantic comedy 'Trust Me, I'm a Lifeguard' is set to make a splash with its World Premiere at this year's 13th Annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York City."

"Tony Glazer directed and screenplay was written by Hollinger and co-star Keiber. "Trust Me, I'm A Lifeguard" poses the comedic existential question, 'What happens when the summer of your life comes to an end?'"
--- Cape May County Herald

"...straight-faced surreal humor similar to that of Children's Hospital or any Zucker Brothers production."
--- Paracinema

'Fifty Shades' to be Challenged by Faith-Based Romance
"I wanted to tell a love story that takes the idea of Godly romance seriously," said Rik Swartzwelder, writer-director and lead actor. "A story that, without apology, explores the possibility of a higher standard in relationships; yet, is also fully aware of just how fragile we all are and doesn't seek to heap guilt upon those of us that have made mistakes."
--- Variety

"Tyler Hollinger adds a mild spark of naughtiness to the proceedings as a sexist shock jock whose friendship with Clay dates back to the latter's bad old days."
--- Variety

"On the menu you'll find an exclusive new clip from Gravitas Ventures' release of director Greg Olliver's Devoured that has really bad bathroom habits. Look for the film on VOD September 2, 2014."
--- Dread Central

"Tyler Hollinger makes his Triad stage debut, and the effect of his acting on the audience can be summed up in one word: 'More!' The New York actor provided rare moments of humor in this tragedy, and cracks up the audience with his ad-libs. More than anyone, Hollinger makes this play modern, whether or not he intended to. Catch this actor BEFORE he hits the big time!"
--- Classical Voice of North Carolina

"Tyler Hollinger as the Gentleman Caller does an outstanding job making the role his own. In past productions, this role is straightly portrayed as a nice young man with professional goals. Hollinger gives the character a background and creates a likeable goofball that we can identify as a class clown of our high school. Hollinger adds the needed laughter and comic relief to a play that evokes such powerful sadness and nostalgia."
--- Jamestown News

"Hollinger's interactions with a tongue-tied Laura are charming and often funny, even if the character himself is not likeable."
--- Triad Arts and Entertainment

"In the past few years, Hollinger has proven himself to be one of the most vital presences on the New York stage, and he injects Chris with the appropriate amount of hedonistic sliminess."
--- Off Off Online

"Hollinger is that guy who is both arrogant and cocky but we can see why the women in his life are so attracted to him."

"Tyler Hollinger handles both the intensity and humor with equal aplomb."
--- Show business weekly

"The first act is a perfectly calibrated example of farce. As Ben (Tyler Hollinger) and Kate (Synge Maher) develop their prickly chemistry in the guest bedroom."
--- Backstage

"The skilled Hollinger makes for a charismatic ladies' man."
--- Off Off Online

"Kaboom is supplied with a wonderfully animated cast, all of whom seem practiced and comfortable in the art of comedy. They have perfect timing for delivering a punchline and waiting patiently for the hilarity to ripple through the audience. But most importantly, the actors seem to be having a good time with their roles. The production has an infectious energy, and feels very much at home in the New York Fringe Festival."
--- Off Off Online

"So funny you might onomatopee your pants"
--- Daliy Candy

"Under Craig J. George's facile direction... But particularly worthy of note are Fico as the nutty FBI man and Hollinger as a zany television star."
--- Backstage

"Standouts in the supporting cast include Tyler Hollinger as Barry Overdrive, the über-narcissist TV talking head Sam Champion/Rush Limbaugh hybrid."

"Tyler Hollinger matches his Rosalind with a sweet, boyish Orlando - a hero and a heroine who are masculine and feminine both."
--- Orlando Sentinel

"Newcomer Tyler Hollinger's goofy portrayal of the lovesick Orlando is charming. But his more formidable portrayal as the outcast brother is authentic. His rollicking wrestling match was the highlight of the evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the comedic take on the scene and was thankful I was not in the front row..."

"Jodie Bentley and Tyler Hollinger manage to avoid easy sentimentality and find the camaraderie and love, with an undercurrent of erotic passion, that bind O. Henry's famous romantic pair."
--- Nancy Ellen Shore, BACK STAGE

"Solid, sincere playing by Tyler Hollinger... complete the story. It is deceptively simple to watch, hiding extremely well done technique-much like the original story."
--- Ivanna Cullinan,